Newport and Mulranny

As your Achill Island Day Tour progresses towards the island, we’ll pass through the picturesque town of Newport and the village of Mulranny.

Both settlements are key points on the Great Western Greenway – a popular trail that runs from Westport all the way to Achill Island. The Greenway is suitable for both walkers and cyclists and was voted among the top three cycle trails in the world by the New York Times. The Newport to Achill section (which passes through Mulranny) is widely considered to be the highlight of the route.


Features of Newport

Newport (formerly known as Ballyveaghan and Newport-Pratt) is located on the shores of Clew Bay.
The town and its quay were established in the early 1700s and became a hub for linen manufacturing. A number of Quakers moved to the area from Ulster to work in the industry.
A highlight of the town is the Newport Railway Viaduct which crosses the Black Oak River. Also known as the Seven Arches Bridge, this sandstone structure was in use between 1894 and 1937. It carried rail traffic between Westport and Achill.
Newport also boasts the ancestral home of Grace Kelly (1929-1982, American actress and Princess Consort of Monaco).

Features of Mulranny

After leaving Newport, we’ll continue on to pass through Mulranny (or Mallaranny) – a picturesque seaside destination at the foot of the Nephin mountain range.
This charming village is the gateway to the Corraun peninsula and, in turn, to Achill Island.
Mulranny is the proud winner of a number of notable awards and has been formally designated as a European Destination of Excellence. Mulranny Golf Links offers a 9-hole course overlooking Clew Bay.
Several high-profile people have been attracted to Mulranny’s rugged tranquillity over the years. One of these was Sir Ernst Chain (1906-1979), a Nobel-prize co-recipient for his work on penicillin.
We’ve no doubt you’ll be tempted to return yourself.
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